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I have been living and working in Ayrshire, Scotland since 2009. I am originally from Switzerland. Since leaving school I have been working in the aviation industry as an air traffic controller which I love very much. Aviation Photography and painting astronomy and space related subjects have always been my hobbies.


 I am very proud to say that I became a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists and was able to successfully exhibit at the Spacefest in Tucson, Arizon in July 2018.

 Most my paintings are sold as one off originals. It is possible for some paintings to buy as a print. Please do contact me if you are interested in acquiring one. 


I am also currently working on an honours degree in Astronomy and planetary science with the Open University. 


Please leave feedback regarding my website, paintings and/or photos below. Many thanks.







Here is my most precious paintings. It depicts the landing are of the Apollo 15 mission. I had it signed by Astronaut Al Worden (he added a line to Hadley Rille/Appennine Mountains) and also Commander Dave Scott at bottom left.