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I have been living and working in Ayrshire, Scotland since 2009. I am originally from Switzerland. Since leaving school I have been working in the aviation industry as an air traffic controller which I love very much. Aviation Photography and painting astronomy and space related subjects have always been my hobbies.


 I am very proud to say that I became a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists and was able to successfully exhibit at the Spacefest in Tucson, Arizon in July 2018.


I do not produce any copies or prints of my paintings. I only sell the original. Please do contact me if you are interested in acquiring one. 


I am also currently working on an honours degree in Astronomy and planetary science with the Open University. 


Please leave feedback regarding my website, paintings and/or photos below. Many thanks.







Here is my most precious paintings. It depicts the landing are of the Apollo 15 mission. I had it signed by Astronaut Al Worden (he added a line to Hadley Rille/Appennine Mountains) and also Commander Dave Scott at bottom left.